MODEL NO.  GHT-100, UHF Diversity Wireless System
Diversity technology and 700 selectable channels available
Auto-Scan to self-detect interference-free channel
Adjustable squelch for excellent performance
70 meters of best operating distance with excellent sound quality
Superb performance for Vocal and Electric Guitar miking
Model No. GHT-100R, Receiver
Carrier Frequency Range 520~937.5MHz
Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized, 700 Channel selectable
Receiving Mode Single Channel,True diversity
Frequency Stability ± 0.005%
Receiving Sensitivity At 5uV >80dB S/N ratio
Image & Spurious Rej. 80dB
Selectivity > 50dB
Modulation Mode FM
IF Frequency 1st : 243.95MHz, 2nd : 10.7MHz
Dynamic Range > 100dB
Tone Signal 32.768KHz
S/N Ratio > 100dB, at 20KHz deviation
AF Response 80Hz to18KHz (+/-3dB)
T.H.D. < 1%(at 1KHz)
Audio Output Balanced & unbalanced
Current Consumption 260mA
Power Supply DC 12V
Dimension(mm) 200x 42 x 123
Model No. GHT-100H handheld/ GHT-100B Bodypack
Frequency Range 520-937.5 MHz
RF Power Output 10mW(max.)
Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized
Capsule of GHT-100H Condenser
Mic type for GHT-100B Lavaliar/headset mic/guitar cable
Frequency Stability +/- 0.005%
Maximum Deviation +/- 20KHz with limiting compressor
Spurious Emission >68dB below carrier frequency
T.H.D. < 1.0%(at 1KHz)
Battery DC:1.5V AA*2/1.2V rechargeable*2
Tone Key 32.768KHz
Current Consumption 120mA +/- 10mA
Dimension(mm) GHT-100H: 260xΦ52 / GHT-100B: 65x97x24