MODEL NO. GH-200G | GH-200B | GH-200H
  UHF wireless system for guitar / musical instruments / vocal
UHF single channel systme for guitar, instruments and vocal miking
IR data synchronization
Battery or AC power supply of system for most kind of live show.
Built-in antenna supporting antenna diversity technology
Operating distance is about 50~60m
Model No. GH-200, complete systme
Frequency Rang 600-900MHz
Switching Bandwidth 24MHz
Peak Deviation ±55KHz
Audio Output Level +3dBu max
Model No. GH-200R, Receiver
Receiving Mode Single Channel, Diversity
Frequency Response 60Hz~16KHz
Sensitivity -92dBm
S/N Ratio:. 102dB
THD <0.8%
Dynamic Range 95dB
Power Supply 5V DC/300mA
Dimensions 138*97*40mm
Weight 150g
Model No. GH-200HT, Handheld Transmitter
Model No. GH-200BT, Bodypack Transmitter
Frequency Response 60Hz~16KHz
S/N Ratio:. 102dB
THD <1%
Spurious Rejection >55dBc
Voltage Range 1V max
Dimensions GH-200HT: 250*50mm
GH-200BT: 85*65*24mm
Weight GH-200HT: 350g/GH-200BT: 85g
Model No. GH200-GT, Guitar Transmitter
Frequency Response 60Hz~18KHz
S/N Ratio:. 103dB
THD <1%
Spurious Rejection >45dBc
Max Input Voltage 1000mV max
RF output Power 5mW
Peak Deviation +/-45KHz
Dimensions 80*36*22mm
Weight 30g